Dearly Beloved: A Study of Marriage

    07.29.15 | Education

    Our Wednesday evening Service, Supper, & Substance begins again on Aug. 19 with a five week study of marriage titled “Dearly Beloved.” The recent Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage, as well as the recent canonical changes around marriage in The Episcopa Church have raised a lot of questions. We will discuss questions such as:

    • What does it mean to be married?
    • What does the church have to say about marriage?
    • What makes a marriage Christian? What is the role of the church in marriage?
    • In a rapidly changing culture in the United States, what values does the church hold indispensable to marriage?
    • How can the church continue to speak to people about relationships, faithfulness, and life in Christ?

    Here are the dates and topics of the five sessions:

    • Wednesday, Aug. 19, 6:30 pm – Part I: Biblical and Theological Understandings of Marriage
    • Wednesday, Aug. 26, 6:30 pm – Part II: What Makes a Marriage Christian?
    • Wednesday, Sept. 2, 6:30 pm – Part III: A History of Christian Marriage
    • Wednesday, Sept. 9, 6:30 pm – Part IV: Changing Trends and Norms in Marriage
    • Wednesday, Sept. 16, 6:30 pm – Part V: Marriage in The Episcopal Church

    Please join us as we study and converse together about these and other questions surrounding marriage. These discussions are for people who are married or single. It is not about marriage enrichment for couples who are already married, or marriage preparation for those who are engaged. The sessions are for everyone to talk about what marriage means. 

    All perspectives are invited and encouraged. We hope to see you there.