Evacuation Information for Congregation

06.20.13 | Hurricane Evacuation Plan

St. Paul's Episcopal Church Hurricane Evacuation Plan

** See Download Notes Above - This is an Evacuation Contact Information Sheet for Parishioners. Download the form fill in the neccessary information an email back to the church at . It is important that our church family remain in contact during a disater.


It is our hope that all who are able will evacuate if called upon to do so by government authorities. We understand there are those who are without means to evacuate on their own. If you are a resident of Orleans Parish, the City of New Orleans will establish Disaster Centers according to the City of New Orleans' informational website, www.nolaready.com.


• The City will also organize evacuations out of the city if the need arises. These evacuations will begin at local designated pick-up points around the city. St. Paul’s will be a designated pick-up location for persons needing to be evacuated by bus. For more information, please contact Connie Uddo Lakeview designated contact at (504) 415-8434 or visit ecacuteer.org for more information. It is urged residents sit down with their families now to draw up family emergency plans.


• Text messaging is a great option! After the previous hurricane this was one of the best ways of communicating.


• If the diocesan office in Baton Rouge (225) 706-6634, is operational, call with a contact number. Also call St. Paul's Episcopal Church, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, telephone number (423) 266-8195. We will have confirmed with them in advance, that calls can be made to their parish, therefore they will expect calls from us. See Emergency Evacuation information below:


St. Paul's Episcopal Church

in New Orleans

Emergency Contact Information



The Rev'd Rob Courtney (504) 655-7756 •

The Rev’d Rodney Roehner (218) 885-4723 •

Lori Lavelle, Parish Administrator •


Also Contact:

The Diocese of Louisiana in Baton Rouge

Telephone: 225-706-6634 Website: www.edola.org

Should local Louisiana phone service fail, the Diocesan staff may be reached at (901) 258-0728


St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Chattanooga (Partnership /Sister Parish)

Telephone: (423) 266-8195



Governor's Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness  

7667 Independence Blvd.   

Baton Rouge, LA 70806   




City of New Orleans

1300 Perdido Street

New Orleans, LA 70112

(504) 658-4000