St. Paul's Says Goodbye to Amelia Arthur

    07.22.15 | Christian Formation by Rob Courtney

    Dear friends,

    It is with sadness that I write to tell you of the impending departure of Amelia Arthur, our director of formation. During the last year Amelia has quickly and easily become a beloved member of our staff and community. She has done a wonderful job in helping us to get our Christian formation programs for youth and adults going, and has been a faithful servant at the altar as a subdeacon, as well. We are going to miss her presence among us, but we wish her, Mike, Lucy, and Winston all the best as she moves forward with her theological education and discernment of future ministry.

    You can read her official goodbye statement below.

    I hope you will join us this Sunday for a reception following the 10:00 am service as we tell Amelia and her family goodbye and wish them well.

    Because Amelia has done such a great job in equipping and training other lay people of our church we are ready to go for the Fall programs we have planned. Everything is moving forward with Christian formation and education for the Fall just as anticipated. Her position, however, has become an indispensable part of what we offer for our young people, and there is still work to be done. I am interviewing potential candidates for the position of director of formation, and we hope to have a replacement to continue this work very soon. Please keep us in your prayers as St. Paul’s continues to live into our mission of “growing in relationships, growing in service, and growing in Christ.”

     God’s blessings,


    Dear People of St. Paul’s, 

    I write to you to tell you that in a few weeks my family and I will be moving to Saint Paul, Minnesota. I have the opportunity to pursue a Masters in Divinity at Luther Seminary, and although this has been a difficult decision to make, Mike and I have discerned that this is the right move for our family. 

    A little over a year ago I came to St. Paul’s not knowing what to expect, I hoped to find a congregation that would embrace a new youth program and that would be supportive of developing more ministries for children, young adults, and young families. I had no idea that I was walking into one of the most welcoming, caring, and wonderful church communities that I have ever known. From day one you welcomed me, you showed me care and hospitality, and invited me to be a part of your lives. I have loved getting to know all of you and it has been a privilege and a pleasure to serve with you over the last year.

    Over the past few weeks I’ve shed many tears as I’ve thought about leaving St. Paul’s, but through the sadness I’ve developed a deep gratitude for St. Paul’s and all of you who make this community so special. St. Paul’s is a wonderful, welcoming, loving and Christ-centered community, and each of you contribute to that specialness. I know that there are wonderful leaders that will continue the work we have been doing in our formation ministries, and I believe deeply that you will continue to live into St. Paul's mission statement of "growing in relationships, growing in service, growing in Christ." The future that I see for St. Paul's is a community that will continue to grow in new and wonderful ways. I can't wait to see the growth that will happen in the coming months and years. 

    Overall I want to let each of you know that I am profoundly thankful for this year at St. Paul's. Serving with you has helped me continue to discern what I feel God is calling me to do, and I know that I go to Minnesota changed and blessed by my time here. I know we will be back to visit for holidays and breaks over the next three years and I look forward to coming home to this special place. 

    Know that I leave loving and caring for each of you and that I would love to keep in touch. My new address and personal email are listed at the bottom of this letter. 

    In peace and love,


    Contact Info:

    The Arthur Family, 520 Fairview Ave S, Saint Paul, MN, 55116. 


    Cell: 504-330-3089