The Art of Engaging Holy Scripture

    07.26.13 | Christian Formation

    The ART of Engaging Holy Scripture is a unique small group Bible study curriculum that is much more than a typical “Bible Study.” TAEHS imparts a lively method of engaging the Scriptures through reading and study, conversational prayer and silent prayer, and group sharing. This dynamic method gradually leads to the experience of the Holy Spirit’s presence-  in the Scriptures, in one’s self, and in our sisters and brothers.


    The TAEHS curriculum is currently used in over 40 Episcopal parishes. The taehs method makes the Bible equally accessible and relevant to beginners and to experienced Bible readers, including clergy and scholars. This equalizing effect creates an additional robust experience as participants see how Holy Scripture becomes present to everyone and anyone at their level of understanding, particular life history and temperament, and experience on the Christian spiritual journey.


    Known by the acronym TAEHS, and over 10 years in the making, the curriculum was developed by the Rev. Jim Clark, Rector of St. Barnabas on the Desert, Scottsdale, Arizona, in association with clergy colleagues, parishioners, and biblical scholars. The idea for development of a different kind of Bible study curriculum came to Clark and his colleagues shortly after he entered parish ministry. He noticed that even though Episcopalians placed high value on the Bible, they did not seem comfortable approaching the Bible on their own. On the one hand, he saw people looking to scholars to tell them what the Bible said, and on the other hand, shying away from the overly-literal approach they observed in the “Bible churches.”


    “Our goal developed from that experience,” Clark says. “We wanted to put the Bible back in the hands of the people as a foundational source for their spiritual journey. As the idea of a curriculum developed, we noticed a great hunger not just for the Bible but also for small groups. As a result, TAEHS developed over time as a small group curriculum for Episcopalians. It is the result of extensive research in small group dynamics, adult learning models and methods, small group leadership, and Benedictine spirituality.”


    The TAEHS curriculum is designed for Episcopalian small groups. Groups are led by trained facilitators in weekly sessions based upon study guides that all participants use. The study guides also provide careful directions for participants to engage in reading, praying, and studying the Bible on their own. At weekly meetings participants begin with prayer, share responses to theme questions, engage Scripture texts together, and report their experiences of engaging the Scriptures on their own.


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    When:   Friday, July 26, 2013


    Where:  St. Paul’s- O’Ferrall Hall


    Time:     9:00 am- 12:00 pm


    For those wishing to attend please bring your Bible


    Light refreshments will be provided