The Discovery Series

    07.20.15 | Education

    Beginning Sunday, August 30 at 9:00 am in O'Ferrall Hall, you're invited to join us for The Discovery Series: A Christian Journey. This comprehensive video series, created by The Episcopal Diocese of Texas, provides training for your Christian journey. It includes a brief history of The Episcopal Church, an instructed Eucharist, teachings about the sacraments, Christian disciplines, and how to more effectively use your spiritual gifts. The series is intended for new Christians, new Episcopalians, as well as those who wish to deepen their spiritual lives. 

    The Discovery Series is broken into five short courses. You can jump into these sessions on any given Sunday, choose to take one or more of the various short courses, or commit to all 16 weeks. Customize the experience to fit you where you are on your journey. 

    Introductory Course: "Episcopal Worship"

    The three introductory sessions (prefaced by a class on the History of St. Paul's on Aug. 23) are expected for newcomers to St. Paul's. They focus on history, traditions, and unique practices of The Episcopal Church. Participants will explore who ministers are, the Sacraments, rites and ceremonies of the Church, The Book of Common Prayer, and Episcopal Church governance. An instructed Eucharist is also part of this short course. 

    • Aug. 30 - The Roots of Ministry
    • Sept. 6 - Episcopal Worship
    • Sept. 13 - An Instructed Eucharist

    Course One: "A Journey of Faith"

    Course one focues on understanding the basics of Christianity - not only what we believe, but why we believe, and how how we enter the community of faith through Baptism. 

    • Sept. 20 - A Journey of Faith
    • Sept. 27 - The Great Commandment and The Great Commission
    • Oct. 4 - What We Believe
    • Oct. 11 - The Baptismal Covenant

    Course Two: "A Path to Spiritual Maturity"

    Course two focues on a rule of life and explaining how our faith is a living, growing part of us that changes through our experiences. 

    • Oct. 18 - Spiritual Maturity
    • Oct. 25 - Prayer
    • Nov. 1 - Bible Study
    • Nov. 8 - Action

    Course Three: "Our Spiritual Gifts"

    Course three focuses on gaining a persepctive for how God wants us to live our lives - looking at our God-given talents, our personality, and our experiences. It also talks about how to use our gifts for ministry. 

    • Nov. 15 - What Does God Want From Me?
    • Nov. 22 - Getting in SHAPE for Ministry

    Course Four: "The Great Commission"

    Course four focuses on learning how we reach others with God's good news. Participants will experience a variety of exerciese designed to help recognize, approach, and communicate with those seeking a closer relationship with God.

    • Dec. 6 - What is Mission?
    • Dec. 13 - Spreading the Good News
    • Dec. 20 - My Life's Mission

    If you have questions about The Discovery Series, contact Fr. Rob Courtney