Christian Education

Christian Education Opportunities

Men’s Bible Study—All men of St. Paul’s are invited to gather in the parlor on Saturday mornings at 7:30 AM to study the Gospel of John together. It’s a great opportunity not only to engage with Holy Scripture, but to fellowship with one another, and to talk about ways the men of our church can serve the community. If you have questions please reach out to Pat Pritchett at or (703) 403-1632.

The Challenge of St. Paul

Join us again this as we study "The Challenge of Paul" during the 9am Christian Education hour. Paul is one of Christianity's most impactful, yet most debated and misunderstood figures. In "The Challenge of Paul," John Dominic Crossan gives us the benefit of his lifelong search for the Paul of history to create a new understanding that sheds new light on Paul and why he is more relevant than ever today. John Dominic Crossan brings Paul alive with his distinctive presentation style. In this provocative series, Crossan confronts our traditional understanding about Paul that seems to support anti-homosexuality, slavery, patriarchy, and the subjugation of women.



Adult Christian Ed: Winter/Spring 2019—You are encouraged to join us for numerous opportunities to grow in your discipleship of Christ in the new year. Watch for more details on these offerings:


            Sundays at 9:00 AM

  • 1/13—2/24 “The Challenge of Paul”
  • 3/3—4/7 Study of When Helping Hurts

Wednesday “Service, Supper, & Substance”

  • 2/6-2/27 “St. Paul’s 101”
  • 3/6—4/10 “Christianity 101”
  • 5/1-5/22 Study of Being Christian