Center for Counseling & Education


The Center's Mission

The mission of the Center for Counseling and Education is to serve the individuals, families, faculty, and staff of St. Paul's Episcopal Church & School in a nurturing spiritual environment. Through counseling and educational services, the Center seeks to promote and enhance the well-being of individuals and families within a confidential environment of compassionate listening. The Center is interfaith, serving people wherever they may be on their journey in life.


Who Comes to the Center?

Individuals, families, couples. Everyone who is part of the St. Paul's church and school community.


What Does it Cost?

The Center is a ministry of St. Paul's Episcopal Church. While there is no fee for the services offered by the Center, donations to support this ministry are encouraged and gratefully received.


What Services are Offered?

Individual, couples, and family counseling about anything and everything, including premarital counseling. Topics often include life transitions, marriage, divorce, children, finances, job or career changes, grief and loss, death, moves, and change. People often seek counseling to discuss big decisions, how to say "no" without hurting feelings, communication, discipline (for self and for children), how to deal with extended family, alcohol issues, and much more.


Questions Parents Ask

Is Dr. Jeanne a school counselor? Does she see students?

  • Dr. Jeanne is licensed as a Professional Counselor and Marriage & Family Therapist. Her Ph. D. is in Curriculum and Instruction [Education]. She sees parents about their children or with their children.
  • Common Topics Include:
    • Death - grandparent, their pet. Sometimes children are closer to a pet than a family member they rarely see.
    • The morning hassle - ways to leave for school without threats or tears.
    • Homework - ways to increase efficiency and decrease stress for everyone.

Dr. Jeanne sees parents individually, & couples for any reason. No issue is too small or too large.

  • Common Topics Include:
    • Depression and Anxiety
    • Change - job change, new baby, divorce, new marriage. Even good things can be difficult to navigate.
    • Extended Family - visits, trips, in-laws


How Do I Make an Appointment?

For more information or to schedule an appointment please contact Dr. Jeanne Robertson by calling or texting her at (504) 330-2549, or by email at  .


All counseling is confidential. What is said in Dr. Jeanne's office remains in her office.