We welcome you as you embark on the venture of Holy Matrimony. Because a marriage is entered into within the community of faith, we normally expect one party, at least, to be an active, baptized member of St. Paul’s or in the process of becoming part of this parish. We believe that the spiritual dimension of life is the vital core of a marriage and that the support of the community of the church is essential. It is the Spirit who transforms a human marriage into Holy Matrimony.

An interview with a member of the clergy of St. Paul's is the first step to take in making plans for a wedding, and we suggest that this be done at least six months in advance of the proposed wedding. Initial dates and times for the rehearsal and wedding can be arranged before this, but final plans cannot be made until after a personal interview with a member of the clergy. 

St. Paul's Episcopal Church affirms and supports marriage between same sex couples and opposite sex couples. The couple must complete pre-marital counseling with the officiating clergy and the director of our Center for Counseling & Education prior to the wedding.

Weddings are not performed during the liturgical seasons of Advent and Lent.

Please reach out to Father Rob Courtney to learn more, or to set up an initial conversation. You can email him at